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Warmest June Days

The single hottest days in June occurred:

Blythe, California1994122.9°F
Phoenix, Arizona1990122°F
Palm Springs, California1990122°F
Blythe, California1990122°F
Palm Springs, California1973120.9°F

Coldest June Days

The single coldest days in June occurred:

Barter Island, Alaska20113.2°F
Barrow, Alaska19693.9°F
Wendover, Utah19789°F
Barter Island, Alaska19979.9°F
Barrow, Alaska199412°F

Wettest June Days

The wettest single days in June occurred:

Tampa, Florida197318 inches
Victoria, Texas198114 inches
Pensacola, Florida201212.8 inches
Corpus Christi, Texas200611.5 inches
Great Falls, Montana198210.9 inches